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Form your team Outwit your enemies

Tactic Legends is a turn-based strategy game where you can:

  • Player-vs-Player

    Tailor a team of 5 characters to your playstyle and strategy, then put them to the test in the arena mode. Can you climb to the top of the leaderboards?

  • Collect Rare Items

    Turn the tides of battle with various items, some of which are harder to come by than others. Be careful though... there are thieves out there!

  • Unleash Ultimate Abilities

    Each character has a devastating ultimate ability they can activate once per match when pushed to their limits!

Tactic Legends Characters
Two kunai blades allow for normal attacks to strike twice. Steal items and Skrilla from other players while sneaking around the arena!
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Protect your allies from enemy attacks with highly defensive abilities. Slow movement, but incredible strength behind each blow!
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Harness the power of bird songs to heal your allies and enchant your enemies. Charmed enemies can't resist your every command!
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Tiny size, explosive magical power! Melee attackers beware; poisonous skin will make you think twice about getting too close.
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Bind your enemies in place with blistering frost attacks. Hit multiple targets with mid-range piercing blows!
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Check back later for more information!
Check back later for more information!
Check back later for more information!
Check back later for more information!
Check back later for more information!

Rare NFT's To Collect

Koji Battle Idle Animation

Support development of Tactic Legends by using ethereum to add collectible NFT’s to your wallet!

NFT holders receive early access to beta tests, special Discord channel roles, and in-game cosmetics.

Watch Development Live

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