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PvP Tactical Strategy Game
Free to Play

Player vs. Player Tactical Strategy Game

Collect loot and rise on the leaderboard!

  • Unlock New Legends

    Tailor a team of 5 characters to your playstyle and strategy. 10 playable characters to choose from with more releasing regularly.

  • Collect Rare Items

    Turn the tides of battle with various items, some of which are harder to come by than others. Be careful though... there are thieves out there!

  • Customize With Cosmetics

    Taunt your opponent with unlockable voice lines, or enter battle in style with custom skins.

10 playable characters

Support development of Tactic Legends by using ethereum to add collectible NFT’s to your wallet!

NFT holders receive early access to beta tests, special Discord channel roles, and in-game cosmetics.